Improve the employability of your students by giving them more opportunities.

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Experlio is quickly becoming the go to place for students to get access to small and medium sized business experience.

We know it’s difficult to maintain relationships with small and medium sized businesses. They place ad-hoc and hate paperwork. And it’s difficult to maintain relationships with 300,000 people! That’s where we come in.

We’re quickly becoming known by small and medium business as the go to place to work with students on legitimate internships and projects that are safe for the student and business.

We don’t take anybody’s responsibilities away, we empower them. We work with you, the university (WIL co-ordinators and everyone else), to enable placements for your students. We then help structure the process to make it fast and effective for everyone – student, business and university.

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Not all students choose the same path

Students like choice. We’re simply another way students can have more choice in where they get their experience.
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Enhancing the student journey

Our only focus is on the experience that students across Australia and the rest of the globe gain experience and benefit.

We’re tracking how the student journey starts and ends and what they learn along the way so that they can carry this awareness and PROOF into future employment opportunities. Employers want graduates with meaningful and practical experiences (not case studies or offsite projects), so we’re making their experiences more meaningful.

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Be at the forefront... together

We’re already working alongside some of Australia’s top universities to enhance the experiences and outcomes of students. Get in touch with us to learn how we can collaborate to develop the experiential learning space. It’s a fast moving space and education is shifting. We’re here to help support universities to continue to lead the way for the next 100 years. Be at the forefront…