Top Professionals are getting paid to be Top Mentors and it’s paying off

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Top Professionals are getting paid to be Top Mentors and it’s paying off

The world moves fast.

Heck, skills are moving fast.

And top professionals seem to be the only ones who can keep pace with this new rate of change.

If only there were an accessible way to help top professionals transfer their experiences to upcoming professionals and be rewarded fairly for their contributions 🤔

That’s where Experlio comes in.

The New Educators of the World

Now more than ever, it’s the professionals who are uncovering new skills and trends, and who are best positioned to educate the next generation.

To illustrate this rate of change, 40% of the skills that employees used in Fortune 500 companies during 2017 were no longer relevant by 2022. [1]

There are many new skills emerging in the world; Tik Tok, Web 3, AI/ML are just a few examples.

At Experlio we support skills growth for the softer skills in tech industry –  from marketing to design.

Demand for these skills is surging. Some entry level roles like marketing co-ordinators are seeing as much as 55% annual growth in 2022. [2]

Other roles like Customer Marketing Managers and Search Marketing Managers make up 2 of the top 10 roles in highest demand across all stages of career. With User Experience Researcher (a design related role) also featuring in the top 10 careers by Linkedin. [3]

Marketing Skills in Demand to be Taught

Among one of the most important skills for marketing roles is social media. 

It is growing in attention and importance, with sites like Tik Tok becoming the #1 website in the world in just a matter of a few years.

Not to forget, that social media isn’t just business. It’s an important part of everyday life. 

The average global citizen consumes 2 hours and 27 minutes of social media per day. [4]

It’s an essential skill for businesses AND individuals to harness, with many people starting their independent earning careers on social media, typically referred to as creators, of which there’s now estimated to be between 50 million and 200 million globally.

From Biomedical Science to Social Media Marketer to Social Media Mentoring!

Earlier in the year Experlio partnered with, Valentine Aouad, a top professional in the social media marketing field.

Valentine had a shared interest in helping the next generation learn the latest skills in social media and had reached a position in her career where she was ready to give back. 

After working for some of the top agencies and upcoming brands in Europe Valentine started her own agency focused on her passion area, sustainable brands.

Bundling Experience and Skills, not lectures

Experlio approached Valentine to produce the sort of content that resembled her everyday demands as a social media marketer.

Not only that, but to develop a practical activity that replicated her social media work from some of most exciting client brands they’d worked with.

This behind the scenes focused content would be unique, hands on and unlike anything  else on the internet.

Once created, Valentine could freely distribute her knowledge and experiences to upcoming professionals through Experlio and even provide them with the tools and work-based projects to refine their skills – a truly rewarding effort…

And it was!

Not only did Valentine have the chance to give back to upcoming professionals but was also paid for the time spent doing 1:1 mentoring sessions.

(Valentine’s Experlio profile with testimonials from Creative mentees)

Since becoming a Mentor on Experlio, Valentine has:

Provided 140 minutes of mentoring, produced 15 minutes of content, 1 Challenge and helped 7 creative professionals in their journeys, already!

Valentine opened her Experlio profile at a rate of $20 per session; a super accessible rate for almost any student or entry level profession to book in a chat.

And while it’s super accessible, it can also be super rewarding for Mentors, too! Mentors can  earn anywhere from $60 to $150 an hour on Experlio.

The flexibility in rates makes it just as much an opportunity for top professionals to develop their leadership and mentoring skills, to be able to help more and get paid more, as much as it provides access to world-class experiences for aspiring creative professionals.

What’s in it for Mentors

  • Paid for their time mentoring between $60 to $150 per hour
  • Experience to build their professional profile further
  • Be rewarded for passing on cutting-edge skills to industry newbies
  • Make an impact – with on-demand content and 1:1 mentoring
  • Be part of a learning revolution you wished you had access to when getting started!

Feedback About the Experlio Education Model of: Experience and Skills over lectures and content

Most of the Creatives that Valentine has mentored on Experlio were first-time members. As such, they were new to the learning methods which are adopted to accelerate outcomes.

Here’s what some of those members had to say from their first experience:

Become a Top Mentor with Experlio

With the demand in creative skills surging it’s never been a better time to become a paid mentor and educator.
If you’re interested in helping people 1:1 or developing world class content that scales to even more professionals then don’t be a stranger, reach out!

We’re here to support you to make an impact and be realised as the leader in your field that you are.





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