The Top 30 Employers in the Philippines for Career Development

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The Top 30 Employers in the Philippines for Career Development

A New Paradigm in Professional Growth

In a rapidly evolving job market, the role of employers in shaping the career trajectories of their employees has never been more crucial.

In the Philippines, career development is a growing part of the culture with 6/10 employers providing some form of training. There is also a strong reliance on Employers to provide information on skills, with 58% of employees relying on this information from their employers.

A new paradigm of professional growth is emerging, one where employers play a central role as educators and enablers of skill development.

To mark this movement Experlio announced the Best Employers for Career Development Awards. Here we discuss the top 5 employers who won the awards, and the other 25 employers who we also consider to qualify as top employers for career develoment.

The Best Employers for Career Development

During the Best Employers for Career Development Awards five employers emerged for their unparalleled commitment to fostering learning and development.

These organizations, included:

  • bneXt Inc.
  • Simplus Philippines Inc.
  • Techno Global Team
  • Yempo Solutions Inc.
  • CodingChiefs Philippines

They have set a new benchmark in career development strategies, providing a standard for others to aspire to in future awards.

Why These Employers Excel

  1. Innovative Learning Environments: These employers have created dynamic and flexible learning environments that cater to individual needs. They ensure every employee has access to the tools and resources necessary for their professional growth.
  2. Leadership and Culture: A shared characteristic among these top employers is their leadership-driven approach to learning. They have successfully integrated development goals with performance management, creating a culture where learning is both encouraged and rewarded.
  3. Diverse and Inclusive Opportunities: Understanding the diverse nature of their workforce, these organizations offer a range of programs and initiatives that cater to various career stages and aspirations, ensuring inclusivity in their approach to employee development.

Beyond the Top Five

While the spotlight is on the top five, our research also dug up 25 other employers in the Philippines who are setting high standards for career development. Access to our methodology can be found here.

Ten More Top Employers

These Employers demonstrated a keen enthusiasm for career development and scored well on public sources.

  • Deltek
  • Helpware
  • TaskUs
  • Etrading Software
  • Eastvantage Business Solutions
  • [24]
  • Lingaro
  • IGT Solutions
  • Infinit-O Global

Rounding Out the Top 30

From our research on public sources, these Employers also indicate signs of strong career development, although there is lower confidence compared to the award winners and top nominees.

  • Everise
  • Encora
  • Stratpoint Global Outsourcing
  • Outsource Accelerator
  • SuperStaff (Philippines)
  • Adaptive Financial Consulting
  • SGV & Co.
  • msg global solutions
  • Rizing
  • Canva
  • iRely
  • Cyzerg
  • Kooapps

A Resource for Career Seekers

For individuals embarking on their career journey or seeking new opportunities, these top 30 employers represent a beacon of opportunity.

Experlio’s focus on career development and learning, hopes to offer valuable insights into the amazing career paths that are possible at these organizations, helping career seekers make informed decisions about their next move.

The Future of Career Development in the Philippines

The recognition of these top employers in the Philippines is a signal of a larger trend. Career development is now a key differentiator in the employer value proposition. As more organizations recognize the importance of investing in their employees’ growth, we can expect to see a more skilled, satisfied, and dynamic workforce, ready to meet the challenges of the modern economy.

Visit Experlio to dive deeper into the world of career development and discover the employers leading the charge in shaping the future of work in the Philippines.

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