And Finally, the Mentoring

The most important part of the entire learning journey can be boiled down to one aspect, THE MENTORING!

The Mentroing where you get to connect one-on-one, or in a group, with the creative community who have participated in your Challenge.

In our experience this is where the 10X learning experience really occurs.

This is where individuals bed in learnings that would otherwise take them weeks or months to achieve without your help.

This is where you can:

– Get paid for your time and experience
– Give one-on-one paid mentor sessions with Experlio members to further their skill and career development
– Create a real impact in somebody’s ability to get started in their career, transition their career or level up in their career!

Not to mention, you’ll have creative control to:
– Share your favorite Challenge submission
– Run general group feedback sessions (also paid)
– Provide tips and advice to the community, should they have questions.

And there you have it. All the information you need to get started mentoring and sharing your experiences.

The Challenge process discussed has been tried and tested at Experlio headquarters with Experlio team members, mentors, students (all 100 of them) and members of our platform for an entire year, with incredible results. Many students of our programs cited that they learnt 4 years worth of creative knowledge in 4 weeks… What could they possibly be comparing that to? 🤔

Now it’s time to take the next step and do more good with your skills. Get in touch to be a part of Experlio’s Peer to Peer Creative Career Platform to make an impact and income. Let’s Goooooo!