Open yourself up to the world of opportunity!

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Benefits for students

Open yourself up to more employers - there are over 300,000 small and medium businesses in Australia that you could enjoy working with
Apply and be notified when the best fit has been found
Easily get your experience credited back to your degree
No fees!
Get access to Experlio’s verified experience platform
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Get real experience

Experlio is focussed on providing students with the opportunity to partner with some of the coolest businesses in Australia. There are over 300,000 small and medium sized businesses in Australia where you could get hands on practical experience. And there might even be an invitation for you to stay on afterwards…

Experience that’s part of your studies

We work hard to align you with businesses with the same interests as you. Once you’ve found a match, we help you lock in the experience. You will also get academic credit as part of your experience! Instead of studying 4 subjects a semester, you can study 3 and get your experience to count at the same time.

Track your experience

Experlio specialises in for credit internships. We’ve developed special tools that help you maximise the experience and carry you into the start of a successful career. More details coming soon!

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