Q2 Product Update


Q2 Product Update

We’re excited to announce that Experlio is rolling out a bunch of new updates to our product.

They include:

  • The addition of Mentoring
  • Video-based learning modules
  • Interactive responses to learning content
  • Peer to peer learning features (publishing responses to Challenges and sharing)
  • Community Spaces related to topics
  • New profile UI for Mentors and Creatives
  • Community Votes and Skill Points for Creatives
  • Engagement metrics for Mentors who generate Challenge content
  • And a whole bunch of smaller updates to support the above.

Given there is so much change going on with the Experlio platform, we see ourselves moving into a much bigger and more exciting space with huge potential!  

With the expansion of interaction, learning and community on the platform, Experlio strives to create the first Peer to Peer Creative Career Platform.

Our focus on the softer and more creative skills of tech – Marketing through to Design – places us in a defined and ever-expanding category of creative skills and professions.

Experlio will soon be a socially enabled platform that allows professionals to share their experiences in short, interactive and engaging content that allows current and aspiring professionals to engage with and learn from each other.

With this all-new positioning, we’re focused on cultivating an environment where people can become their most creative selves and be able to carry this into their professional work.

Stay tuned for the release of these updates during April and beyond!

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