Presenting Your Unique Challenge

After sharing your experiences and knowledge you can present your Challenge.

The Challenge:
– Is a short
project relating to your topic of experience and knowledge.

A Challenge is intended to be fun, whilst at the same time, testing your audiences skills and understanding of the topic by applying themselves to practical examples you have provided.

Elements of a Succesful Challenge:
– Short and succinct
– Requiring less than 30 minutes of “creator time” to complete
– A catchy headline to help engage the audience (e.g. “Impress your boss with these social media edits”)
– Communicating the difficulty level of the
challenge and any assumed knowledge
– Sharing additional brand, business context, challenge deliverables, and challenge insights with Creatives
– A deadline for submissions

Take a look at Andrei Chahine presenting a challenge:

Please noteThe level of detail in your Challenge explanation will likely vary based on your requirements. A couple of minutes for this section may suffice.

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