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You might be wondering “cool, I’ve found this site that looks like it has some opportunities for me to get a marketing internship, so, what’s the deal?”

Our deal is that we’re completely free for students. We hook students up with marketing internships through our network of employers and help handle all of the painful details that aren’t of interest to anybody else.

The benefit of getting a marketing internship through Experlio is that you’re not limited to the connections that your university has and we work with some really cool small and medium-sized businesses.


Marketing internships with Experlio

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Why do a marketing internship with a small or medium-sized business?

Our belief is that students are smart, digital natives that love to get hands on with innovation and entrepreneurship. No where else does that shine through more than with small and medium sized businesses (SMB). 

Unlike a large organisation that moves slow and you don’t get to apply your skills, smaller businesses want you to take the reigns and show them what you’re capable of. This way, you get to own the experience, you produce the result and you get more satisfaction when you can see the difference you made during your internship. Of course, we still work with larger employers if that’s your jam, but our belief is that you can gain broader, all rounds skills as a team player by interning with a SMB.

Why Start a Marketing Internship?

The great thing about marketing internships is that you get to practice what you’ve learned at uni. You can apply all of those skills you’ve built up into a real life situation. Unlike some other areas of study, marketing is incredibly practical. Today, every business needs marketing and this has seen the industry boom as one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, especially in Australia. The average consumer in Australia is highly tech-savvy and, although we don’t like to admit it, materialistic. 

While marketing is a hot industry full of opportunity, it’s also become a lot more competitive than what it used to be. So getting experience and practice marketing to consumers and businesses is extremely important to develop your career.

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