Building An Experience Portfolio


Building An Experience Portfolio

Back in April of 2020, Experlio launched their first Marketing Experience Program

The purpose of the program was to enable young creatives the opportunity to build a portfolio work experience skills in the marketing field during the pandemic; something that was not easy with social distancing measures in place. 

We also wanted to go one step further and deliver possible employment opportunities for the talented members of our program.

In addition to gaining experience, the program focussed on building the crucial skills that marketers of the 21st century require to be successful in the workforce.

We opened up applications for the program to those who were initially seeking internships through our business connections. We took a handful of the top applicants who displayed persuasive skills and creative thinking through our online tests.

business and creatives connections

With this, we found Daryl, an astute creative with a clear passion for his work and the world he was graduating into.

It was evident in our first mentoring session with Daryl that he had really thrown himself into his creative work. He had really focussed on the higher level branding elements of the focus company’s marketing and positioned a strategy that suggested an overhaul to how they represent their values online.

This presentation was well received by Tarnia, the PR and Marketing representative of the company and Daryl was selected to continue his work, making his ideas for the business a reality.

Here’s What Daryl Had To Say About His Experience

I had initially stumbled upon Experlio through a recommendation from LinkedIn. Although I was uncertain as to what this ‘Virtual Experience’ offered, given the current climate with uni going online and working from home, I found it to be the perfect opportunity to learn and put myself in a position to gain experience. 

Experlio ran for 2 days a week for 4 weeks and essentially allowed us to create a marketing strategy for a real business that could be realistically implemented. During those 2 days, sessions would involve understanding marketing strategies and their application towards real-life businesses.

In weeks 2 and 3, Chris (Founder of Experlio) invited field professionals such as Facebook Ads experts, SEO specialists and even the operations manager of the business to answer any of our questions. This gave fresh insight into the reality of what marketing is actually like, from people who had years of experience.

The industry given was in the wholesale food sector, which despite having lacked prior knowledge of, I felt was a prominent learning opportunity as it would allow me to research and learn about the industry. However, when researching the industry, I understood how complex it is to completely grasp a single industry, let alone multiple, which only highlighted the importance of doing thorough market research before attempting to create any marketing strategy.

marketing strategy creation

Whilst creating a marketing strategy from scratch I found it to be both a freeing but daunting task. Having the creative freedom to do literally anything whilst trying to understand the business, their needs and expectations was a difficult balance. 

However, one thing I found incredibly valuable in the program was a one on one consulting session with my mentor. This gave an opportunity to not only propose and explain my strategies, but also receive instant feedback on ways to improve. Having the ability to speak to Chris and share my reasonings gave a relevant outside opinion which helped me balance creativity with vision, and ultimately guided me in realigning my goals towards a more convincing marketing plan. 

Being a part of Experlio was a unique experience that opened so many doors for myself. Not many internships provide the real-life experience that most students are looking where you get the opportunity to not only work with a real business but also work ON the business. Creating strategies, understanding vision and direction are usually tasks reserved for the top positions. However, Experlio gives a passage straight into that area which I believe is priceless. If you’re searching for real life experience from a team that undoubtedly supports you, I would strongly encourage you to give it a shot.

Where Is Daryl Now?

Daryl (FL) and the team
Daryl (FL) and the team.

Daryl has recently graduated with a marketing and management degree from UWA and is currently working as a sales representative in the retail sector. As well as working in sales in the retail sector, he is a marketing consultant for the wholesale food business given during the program.

After presenting his final marketing proposal to the business, his current tasks include implementing the proposed strategies around increasing digital presence, reestablishing vision and values as well as marketing specific products within the B2B sphere.

If you would like to gain experience like Daryl, feel free to reach out to us on the contact page of our website. Our program has since evolved and developed to be even more comprehensive and supportive to young creatives.

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