Learn by doing lessons @ Experlio


Learn by doing lessons @ Experlio

Since our limited launch we learnt a few lessons about ourselves, our business and what we’re really on this journey for and we’d love to share them with you!

Learn by doing lesson # 1

We’re strong believers in learning by doing, and we’ve been doing a whole lot of it over our own journey.

We wanted to take this opportunity to share a few learnings we’ve had since launching our online platform and how we’ve put them to use to benefit members; present and future. Here goes…

In late March we launched our platform with the intention to provide accessibility for creative people to gain work-experience and connect with businesses.

At this point we referred to our platform as a Creative Experience Platform.

The March release was a ‘limited launch’, meaning it was open to initial members that had signed up/had been invited to the platform. There were hundreds of people, and some really interesting companies, eager to get the first look at what we’d been working on.

What became evident early on was that signups weren’t all that was required to be successful in this journey, and even though we knew there was going to be a lot to learn through launching, we were surprised to find an even greater gap than first anticipated.

We found that our members needed a slightly different experience to help them achieve their goals. Loving the idea, but needing a little more to get the job done, ya know!

In summary, we saw our members wanted to get closer to the action, with more certainty – a clearer path to truly discover creative talent or grow their creative career.

This is when we transitioned our strategy from being a Creative Experience Platform to being a Creative Talent Platform (very recently). Seems like a slight difference, right. But the impact of this change means everything! (you’ll notice changes happening to our socials, website etc. still happening to adjust to this change)

Now, we could go on and on about what happened next, but long story short: We’ve made a few updates; to the product, team and capabilities, to meet this new strategy.

Spoiler Alert: We’ll be launching these updates with the world over the next few weeks. Very exciting times!

What you’ll also be happy to know is that, as a result of our shift in strategy we’ll be focused on helping:

  • Creatives who are looking to GROW THEIR CAREER RIGHT NOW to engage with
  • Businesses who are looking to DISCOVER CREATIVE TALENT RIGHT NOW.

This is the result of, what would appear on the surface, an incremental shift in strategy; from purely being focused on experiences over the long term, to now being focused on careers, over the short AND long term.

(Don’t worry, experiences are still a huge part of our mission and what we hope to improve in the world.)

Does this mean more work for us? Perhaps, but we’re so ready for it!

There’s not much more rewarding than connecting people in their careers.

And the moral of the story is, we’re all still learning. To keep making progress in our careers (and life) we need to apply what we learn and put it into practice.

More learnings (and updates) to come shortly!

Learning by doing lesson #2 – Team!

Since our ‘limited launch’, we’ve learned firsthand about the challenges of launching and growing a marketplace business.

While we have the characteristics of a marketplace, we think of ourselves as a platform, because we’re not just about the transaction, we want to see our members succeed and grow as a result of the platform we provide them.

They say it’s no easy feat to build this sort of a company with a vision to bring massive change to the world, but we’re up for the challenge!

Truth: In saying this, during our ‘limited launch’ we certainly found our limits with our limited team 😅

It was time to grow our team and invite incredible people into Experlio to help drive our vision.

We’ve added capabilities in product management, development as well as marketing and operations too. And we’ll be continuing to grow our team over the next few months in these key areas so that we can provide as many opportunities as possible to our members.

It’s amazing to see what can be achieved with a group of bright people working together and we look forward to inviting you to check it out for yourself very soon.

Learn by doing lesson #3 – Strive for the mission 🚀

Actually, this one’s more of a philosophy than anything else, and we’d like to share it with you 🙂

Experlio has been known for a few things during our short lifetime:

  • Connecting people for experience and future opportunities together
  • A place to learn (lots in a short amount of time)
  • A place to start careers or explore them

One thing has remained consistent over this time and that’s our mission to support millions of talented professionals in their careers; specifically, 1 million creative people by 2030. Sounds pretty ambitious, right?

We believe it can be done!

With 55% of Gen Z considering themselves creative, and creativity being one of the top skills required by employers for the future, the writing is on the wall. Creatives are set to rule the world…

Can I hear you say hell yeah? 📢🙌

Creative people want to enjoy a more fulfilling career and businesses are looking for more creative people! 

We’re simply here to connect the dots and create a platform where our mission becomes a reality.

Get involved with our mission by signing up to our waitlist (in the comments) and stay tuned for an exciting announcement coming next week!

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