Dear emerging creatives, students, and young professionals 👩‍💼. We are Experlio. An online platform 💻 that’s designed to help creative people upskill, faster 🌠.

It’s our goal to use learning 👩‍🏫, doing ✍️, and mentoring 🤝 to empower people whose creative growth, is their career growth 📈.

We’re looking for a crew of 20 emerging creatives ✨ in the first stage of their career 💼 to be part of our beta testing 📣 community for our new product, a peer to peer creative career platform. To be a part of the community all you’d have to do is play around with the platform 🖱 and give us some feedback every now and then.

As a part of the crew, you’ll get exclusive access to engage with top mentors and get the chance to have one-on-one mentor sessions 🙋 with creative experts (like Cash App Creative Brand Director Andrei Chahine 🤓). All whilst learning hands-on skills (like social media creative🤳).

We’d also occasionally ask you to give us feedback 💬 about your experiences 👁‍🗨 and the product 👩‍💻.

If this sounds like you, please sign up using the link below 📋 and share this page 🤲 with your friends 🤗, because participating users will get to use our platform for free. why not enjoy it with your friends too?!

Thank you, we can’t wait to share Experlio’s peer to peer creative career platform with you 💜🙏!

If you have any further questions or queries you can reach us at I’m one of the creative/marketing brains at Experlio and I’d love to help in any way I can!