Introducing the Best Employers for Career Development Awards

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Introducing the Best Employers for Career Development Awards

Announcing a New Kind of Award to the World

It gives us great pleasure to announce a new kind of award to the world.

The Best Employers for Career Development is an award with a true mission at its core.

The award stemmed from the question: how could we help close the skills gap in the world?

Along with this question, we have a strong belief that Employers are the future educators of the world.

The awards have been created to help recognise which Employers have taken it upon themselves to play an active role in upskilling their people and the world.

The Best Employers for Career Development awards are a first of their kind and come from a unique perspective that has been developed over the years, being a part of 10’s of 1,000s of individual’s journeys to learning new skills for their careers.

With this belief, we’re taking our passion and knowledge for learning and development and shedding new light on the Employers who are on their own mission in this space.

The Benefits of the Awards for Employers

And while not everyone is as passionate about learning and development as we are, there are plenty of people who are.

Especially Gen Z and Millenial talent!

In fact, outside of financial considerations and work schedules, learning and development is the top ‘deal breaker’ for professionals below the age of 40, with 46% of employees saying they are more likely to accept a job offer if the company has a strong learning and development culture.

So, the awards also provide a unique opportunity for Employers to get noticed by growth-minded talent in a whole new way – and for their L & D culture to be validated by a third party.

The Benefits of Awards for Growth-Minded Talent

With Experlio’s history in education, we have a strong sense of what talented individuals are looking for in their career journey.

When 87% of people say it’s important for their potential employer to offer a strong skills development program you know that it needs to be easy for people to get access to this kind of information.

As an existing platform with tens of thousands of active members, Experlio aims to provide a space where career development signals can be easily understood.

The awards provides Experlio members and the general public with better insights into where they might direct their career efforts to achieve the greatest rewards and fulfilment from their work.

The Benefits of the Awards for Experlio

The awards are not only a way for growth-minded talent and the best employers to find each other, they also play a key role in our vision’s strategy to bring forward a more highly skilled world.

When Employers are recognised, awarded and rewarded for their efforts, there are even more incentives to take an active role in upskilling the world.

The awards allow Experlio to connect with like-minded employers and shine a light on their hard work where other platforms have neglected these efforts in the past.

They will also help Experlio to grow awareness for learning and development as a focus area for employers, and allow the platform to become a beacon for people to make better-informed decisions about their career development.

Deciding the Winners of the Awards

The awards are determined based on 4 key factors, in 2 parts.

Part 1 – Public Rating Data

  1. A strong career development rating on Glassdoor qualifies you for the awards by demonstrating you’ve already committed to career development

Part 2 – Learning and Development Specifics

  1. Completion of a form with 9 questions relating to learning and development
  2. The comprehensiveness of the initiatives, with tailoring and personalisation to career stages
  3. The cohesiveness of employee contributions, with 5 questions about their experiences with L & D initiatives

The responses are then reviewed and tallied to determine the final results.

We’re excited to release these results over the coming days. The inaugural awards results are set to be announced on Monday the 29th of January! Stay tuned!

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