How Company Culture Can Impact Your Career Trajectory in 2024

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How Company Culture Can Impact Your Career Trajectory in 2024

Forget ping-pong tables and free lunch, when it comes to shaping your career trajectory, there are far more important things to consider than what office perks a company is offering. That’s right, we’re talking about company culture – specifically the type that grows your career!

Recently, we published our list of the Top Philippines Employers for Career Development in 2024, and we took the opportunity to understand how the strong cultures at these companies have positively impacted their employees’ career trajectories.

The Link Between Company Culture and Career Development

One thing that stood out to us was that in the Philippines, a cultural focus on growth and learning at a company resulted in the career development of its employees. In the companies we analysed, this culture came from four distinct areas:

  1. A culture of learning: Comes from employees having access to a mixture of online and offline skill-based and personal-focused learning opportunities that can advance their careers.
  2. A culture of career growth: Comes from rewarding employees who prioritise performance as well as learning and development.
  3. A culture of collaboration: Comes from collaborative learning (like knowledge sharing), and working closely with employees to define and achieve career visions.
  4. A culture of career planning and goal-setting: Comes from taking the time to set personalised and performance-based career goals with every employee.

As you can see from this list, it’s important to note that a strong company culture doesn’t just come from employees. No matter the motivation of employees, a company that isn’t interested in investing in the career growth of its employees will never see the benefits it can bring.

Case Studies: The Best Companies for Career Growth in the Philippines 2024

Let’s take a look at five of the leading Filipino companies known for fostering growth and strong cultures. Each company embodies a distinct approach to cultivating culture and talent, showcasing the diverse ways companies can invest in their employees’ success.

CodingChiefs promotes a culture of collaborative learning through knowledge-sharing sessions, mentoring, and coaching workshops. Not only that, they have a strong emphasis on personalised learning plans, transparent feedback, health and wellness programs, and free access to online learning platforms.

“The program helped me further my skills and develop a better understanding of my potential, especially in the workplace”

CodingChiefs Employee

Yempo provides employees with the opportunity to individualise their training needs. They also offer conference workshops, leadership development programs, and communication training to provide career advancement opportunities for their employees.

“It enhances my resume as it’s a skill that’s highly valued in many professions. It also increases my competitiveness in the job market and my ability to change career direction.”

Yempo Employee

Simplus creates a strong culture by integrating learning and development goals with employee performance goals, focusing on team achievement and personal incentives to create a tailored growth journey. They also have a mixture of in-person coaching and online learning platforms (like Salesforce Trailhead) available to employees.

“As I progress with my managerial role [and Leadership Coaching Program], I slowly stop doubting my abilities to handle and manage a team.”

Simplus Employee

bneXt focuses on creating a flexible and accessible learning environment with merit-based promotions and a strong mentorship program. Their culture of growth and learning is supported by onboarding training, coaching and mentorship, certification programs, employee-led webinars, leadership programs, and management trainee programs.

“Besides the great professional training and learning… the program lets me understand the things that help with my holistic development.”

bneXt Employee

TechnoGlobal Team provides employees with individualized development plans and clear career pathway frameworks to foster their culture of career growth. This is supported by onboarding training, formal courses, specialized programs, leadership development programs, mentoring, lunch and learn sessions, and collaborative forums that their employees can get involved with.

“I will be a better lead. The truth is this has an impact on my personal life as well. I was able to handle and manage my time, emotions and conflicts.”

Techno Global Team Employee

Find a Company Whose Culture Grows Your Career

If reading about the best company cultures in the Philippines hasn’t convinced you, we’ll say it… you deserve more than just perks.

Choosing a company that invests in and empowers you to have the career you want is critical to the success of your career. Because let’s face it, joining a company whose culture fosters career growth is the best way to positively impact your career trajectory

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