Using the community space page

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Using the Community Space

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The Community Space page

Use the Community Space page to stay up to date with Challenges and Mentor information.

Find a Community Space

Navigate to the My Dashboard page and find the Community Spaces section on the page. Click the “Creative Space” button to find a Community Space.

If you are already part of a Space you will find it there for you to navigate to.

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If it is one of the first times that you have Logged In to Experlio, you may see a popup asking you to go to the Community Spaces page. Click the popup button to begin discovering more about the Community Space page.

Join a community space

Click the Join button under the member section on the left hand side of the page to Join a Community Space.

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Engage with the community

Use the post function at the top of the Community Spaces page to ask questions or interact with the Community regarding Challenges or Mentoring.

Other Creatives, Mentors, and Experlio admins who are members of the same Community will be able to respond to your posts and share their own thoughts.

The Space will also be used to share learning Challenges and Mentor feedback.

Top Tip

Invite your friends to join the community

Use the invite button on the left-hand side of the page to share the Community Space with your friends.

Because learning is always more fun when you do it together.

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