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How to make your Creative profile

Use your profile to express your unique creativity and passions to the world.

Sign In to your account and follow the prompts

When you Sign In to your account for the first time you will be prompted to make a Creative profile. Follow the prompts to continue the process. Don’t forget to ensure your name and email details are correct from the Sign Up process.

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Upload your Creative Avatar

Use the “Click to Change” button to upload your Avatar. Your Avatar is an opportunity for you to share your inner creativity and show the community who you really are. If you don’t already have an Avatar handy, you can create your own using tools like Bitmoji, Sapiens, or Ready Player Me.


For example, this is the Creative Avatar of our founder Chris. Chris used Bitmoji to make his Avatar.

Choose an Alias username

Your Alias username is what you will be called while you are on the platform. Your username is a placeholder for your real name, which is hidden from other users. Choose an Alias username that you feel reflects your creative identity.

Add a City

Select your home City from the drop-down menu. This helps Experlio show you more relevant challenges and opportunities.

Add a Skill

Select your top Skill from the dropdown menu. This might be the Skill you are most proficient at or the one you are most excited to develop.

Update your profile

Don’t forget to click the “Update Profile” button to save your changes.

Top Tip

You can edit your Creative profile after you have created it by navigating to the My Dashboard page. You can get to the My Dashboard page by clicking the Avatar button in the top left of the page.

Click the My Details edit icon

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When you are on the My Dashboard page, find the My Details section and click on the edit pen button. The button is found to the right of the “My Details” title and will take you to your Creative Profile page.

You can then edit your Creative profile as above.

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