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Using the Experlio Community Slack Chat

The Experlio Community Slack Chat is a place where you can communicate with the Creative Community and share your honest thoughts about the platform, directly with us.

Sign In/Up to the Experlio Slack Chat

Click on the link here to navigate to the Sign In/Up page for our Slack Chat.

Follow the prompts and Sign In/Up to get access.

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Edit your Experlio Slack Chat Profile

Because Experlio is based upon a foundation of creating a safe and private working space, it’s important that your Slack Chat Profile matches your Experlio profile.

This means that while using the Experlio Slack Chat we strongly recommend changing your name, display name, and profile picture to match your Experlio profile. Please note, changing these things won’t affect any of your other Slack Chat profiles.

To navigate to your Profile Page, click on your Profile Image in the top right hand corner.

A drop down menu should appear. Click the Profile button to go to your Experlio Slack Community Chat Profile Page.

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Edit your profile

Once you are on your Profile Page, click the Edit profile button.

Change your Full name to match your Experlio Alias Username. Change your Display name to match your Experlio Alias Username. Change your Profile photo to match your Experlio Avatar photo.

Don’t forget to save your changes!

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Top Tip

Using the Slack Channels

The Experlio Community Slack Chat is made up of different Channels designed for different conversations, these are as follows:

#challenges is for responding to Challenges and collaborating with others to get to the best answer.

#requests is for you to ask for what you want to see in Experlio. It’s a place to leave your thoughts, suggestions, and feelings about anything to do with the product or it’s associated services.

#general_chats is the one channel that will always include everyone. It’s a spot for announcements and community-wide conversations.

#random is for everything else, it’s a place for jokes, spur-of-the-moment ideas, and funny GIFs.

Why not jump into a Channel and say hi to the Creative Community!

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