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The Future of Creative Learning and Work is Just Around the Corner

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The Future of Creative Learning and Work is Just Around the Corner

With the rise of AI, automation and robots, the future requires us to be more creative.

Creativity doesn’t just apply to designers and artists by the way. It includes everyone.

The World Economic Forum states that Creativity is among the top 5 skills for 2025 and beyond. 

In practice this is reinforced by some of the top companies in the world, like Google, who focus on hiring “smart creative” types.

For many people, creativity can be a difficult concept to grasp. It can seem fluffy and there are many different interpretations. What most definitions will agree on though is that creativity involves the creation of original ideas. 

Ideas are very human in nature. Some would argue that it’s the very essence of being human; and what might one day be a defining characteristic that separates man from machine.

For this reason, we believe that it’s important that all human beings develop the skill of creativity.

Why We Love Creativity

  • Creativity levels the playing field. It’s something that everyone can possess, or at the very least, attempt. Whether you’re a veteran creative entrepreneur or it’s your first day of uni, you have the power to come up with ideas sure to impress somebody.
  • Creativity is a muscle. Whilst it’s not something we are explicitly taught in school, the more challenges we face, the stronger our creative muscle can become, without even realising!
  • Creativity inspires action. At Experlio, we’ve witnessed creativity that moves people. An idea can be enough to launch a career or launch a new business.
  • There’s no right or wrong. More often than not, creativity is subjective; it’s up to interpretation. This means that there’s no failing at being creative, but there sure are a lot of lessons that can be learnt along the way.
  • Creativity makes us better. According to Adobe’s State of Create report, when we feel like we’re being creative ~70% of us feel like better workers, leaders, parents and students.

As you can see, creativity is an important element at work, during learning and in our personal life. 

Through our work around applied learning, we’ve seen businesses and individuals alike begin to value creativity as a growing factor to their success.

Learning to Be More Creative

One of the best ways to develop creativity is to learn by doing, applying yourself to many unique challenges, frequently. Steve jobs famously said that “creativity is just connecting things”. A very intuitive man, Steve, was onto something.

The application of understanding to new and foreign challenges helps to associate neural links that can aid the development of creativity. 

We’ve adopted these methodologies into our approach at Experlio to allow emerging talent to apply themselves to challenges that a vast array of real businesses are facing. 

With the rapid development of ‘new stuff’ in the world, it’s getting harder to keep up with traditional methods. That includes learning. We need to become more creative with how we do almost everything, including the way we learn.

With so much information freely available online, the information age has definitely influenced the direction of education, which was traditionally centered around the possession of information. 

We’ve now reached a level of maturity where learners are demanding not just information, but the opportunity to get closer to real world problems so they can practice their skills and develop enough competency to launch their careers faster. 

Creative Careers

Just like the fields of STEM, other fields are beginning to reinvent themselves. Advertising, which has been around for hundreds of years, has now gained mass prominence with the establishment of digital and social media as well as millions of small businesses across the globe.

If we look at businesses today, it’s easier than ever to start one, but harder than ever to get noticed. With so much competition and noise in business, marketing has been playing a key role in the make or break success of new and existing businesses. 

The field of marketing careers are growing at a pace 50% faster than the rest of the workforce.

Due to the competition in the marketing field, it’s no longer a matter of placing your message in front of the right people. Google alone serves an average of 30 Billion ads a day and the average person is estimated to see 6,000+ ads per day. That’s a lot of competition for a single person’s attention!

In 2021 you have to be much more creative with your marketing to inspire people to do business with you.

Also gaining pace in creative fields are the likes of user experience design, user interface design, product development etc.;emerging fields of design that are helping to shape and create value in technology products and other consumer facing industries. 

Once again, it’s no longer just about function. People often purchase products to represent themselves, either as a sign of status or personal indulgence. The power of consumer choice requires a new level of personalisation and thought to go into products that please people, which in turn requires endless amounts of creative input.

Where Experlio Fits Into The Future of Creative Learning and Work

At Experlio we know that the world requires more creativity.

It’s not just marketing and design challenges that we face, it’s much more…

Our social challenges, political challenges, and global challenges (climate change etc.) aren’t going away any time soon.

New and original ideas are required to work towards a brighter future. Not to mention, creativity is necessary to help inspire people to solve these bold challenges. 

We’re excited to be joining the future of creative learning and work with the introduction of our new platform…

On Monday the 8th of March, Experlio will introduce our Creative Experience Platform to the world to help connect emerging creative talent and businesses in new and meaningful ways.

Our platform promises to bring the future of creative learning and work together, today, and help organisations all over Australia, to find ‘smart creatives’ to help them overcome the challenges of the future.

To sign up and be one of the first to experience creativity without limits, go here if you’re a business or here if you’re a creative type.

We look forward to welcoming you on board.

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