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Feel free to watch on 2x speed. You’ll get the idea faster that way 🙂

What is an Opportunity?

We believe that every time you get to show your potential to a business it’s an Opportunity to put your best foot forward.

As you may have already noticed. Opportunities are similar to job/role descriptions. Only, we’re trying to make it more powerful for you – the Creative (applicant).

When you’re starting out in your career, experience is hard to come by, so we’ve made it really easy to get in front of businesses to get some experience whilst applying for an amazing opportunity. The opportunity may lead to a short project/gig, part time work or maybe even a full time role.

How long do Opportunities last?

Opportunities are listed for around 3 weeks or more, depending on the intent of the business. We recommend getting in as soon as you can to avoid disappointment! 

Once you have applied by submitting your ideas they will be stored on your portfolio indefinitely, unless you decide to delete them :).

How can you get noticed by Businesses?

There’s no right or wrong way to go about applying for Opportunities. Most businesses will be looking for creativity in applications and relevance/understanding of their business, so it can be worth checking them out before applying and thinking through the challenge as if you were on the inside of the business.

What does a good idea submission look like?

Good ideas can be subjective – so it’s important to enjoy the process no matter the outcome.

However, the aim is to grab the attention of the business and entice them to reach out to you of course.

General recommendations

  • Focus on 1 idea per submission
  • 1 x image and 1 x 200 word explanation
  • Use the 200 word explanation to explain your idea, demonstrate clear, professional communication skills and how you could contribute to the business

What to avoid

  • Trying to be the most creative, the most complicated or the most elaborate (unless it’s requested)
  • Spending lots of time on your idea (unless you really want it to be a cornerstone of your portfolio) – we try and keep commitments light on the platform so that work can occur outside of Experlio
  • Selling yourself too hard – demonstrate your potential, but try to keep them a little curious to encourage them to reach out.
  • Don’t provide contact details in your application – businesses will reach out via Experlio

Who can see my portfolio?

Only you can see your portfolio and personal details at this point in time. We may introduce features to make your profile public in the future (we’ll give you plenty of notice). When you apply to an opportunity, businesses can see your first name.

Who do businesses see when I apply?

When you apply to an opportunity, businesses can see your first name. The image you uploaded and the text to go with it. That’s it. To see more, they must reach out and contact you through a contact button we provide.

Is Experlio free to use?

Yes, Experlio’s platform is completely free for Creatives to use.

Should I contact Businesses about my application?

Experlio’s platform is made to facilitate connection between emerging creative talent and businesses. To do so in the simplest and tidiest fashion possible, we prompt businesses to initiate first contact. This means you will be contacted when a business would like to chat further. Keep an eye on your emails and be sure to check the spam folder regularly so you don’t miss any important emails. An example email is provided below.

Email example

Not getting emails from Experlio or Businesses?

If you’re expecting an email and can’t find it, the most likely culprit is the spam folder. Please check your spam folder thoroughly.

When it comes to being contacted by businesses it’s important to be patient. Experlio’s platform is both an amazing opportunity to connect with businesses as well as a learning experience. Every time you submit your ideas you’ll be growing your creative muscle and getting noticed more and more each time.

Got another question? Post in the comments below or reach out through our contact form for help. We’ll continue to update this page with helpful information based on your feedback and requests.

Fancy a more visual explanation of Experlio? Visit our How It Works for Creatives page.

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