Experlio Goes Next Level to Unleash the Potential of Creative Thinkers for Employers

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Experlio Goes Next Level to Unleash the Potential of Creative Thinkers for Employers

Introducing the first Talent Network for Creative Thinkers…

Welcome to Experlio.

Why have we introduced the first Talent Network for Creative Thinkers to the world? And what does that even mean?

As we wall know, the world around us is changing.

That’s not news any more.

Sometimes it’s nice when things don’t change, but then other times some things are in need of desperate change.

This is one of those times.

Since the emergence of digital hiring the world has been on a hamster wheel, making small  improvements to a broken system; optimising for speed and efficiency, and mistaking it with effectiveness.

Optimising the same things to go faster simply doesn’t lead to better results forever. At some point there comes the need for a better approach.

That time is now. The Skills Revolution is upon us!Sign up for the free Employer app now by visiting

The Skills Revolution

Before the pandemic, 73% of global employers recruited junior talent based on their university grades. 

Fast forward to 2023, and that number has plummeted to a mere 37%

63% of employers now recruit based on skills.

When  a 50% change to how global employers choose to hire talent occurs, that means something!

The new yardstick for hiring is skills. And we are in the Skills Revolution, right now!

In line with this trend, Deloitte reports that 89% of HR executives now prioritize skills over job titles when deploying talent and managing careers, resulting in a remarkable 107% improvement in talent placements.

But weren’t we always recruiting for skilled people?


Previously, job titles, degrees, industries etc. had plagued the minds of hiring managers. Narrowing their focus until their talent pools were so small they were left with just 1 suitable person for the role.

Hiring managers have been overwhelmed with underwhelming applications for open roles for some time now.

To save time screening applications, managers often set high watermarks on years of experience, education backgrounds etc. to remove candidates from the pool. 

While that’s commonly accepted, it misses something crucial. Resumes are often inaccurate or misleading on the most important areas – skills!

In fact, 71.6% of resume errors stem from the miscommunication of skills.

Valuable time is wasted on double-checking resume accuracy (even grammar!) and references rather than recognizing each individuals’ potential to add value to the organization.

Skills must be verified eventually, whether its before the job or on the job. Eventually it’s going to come up…

So why don’t why not focus on skills sooner?

Because it used to be harder to do that.

In the skills revolution, we’re making it easier..

It’s the dawn of a new era for Skills Transparency, and with it comes a whole range of new innovations we’re unleashing to the world.

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Introducing the First Skills-based Talent Network for Creative Thinkers

Today, we’re raising the stakes by introducing the world to the first official Talent Network for Creative Thinkers, complete with a brand new app designed for employers!

At the foundation of Experlio’s new employer app are Skill-Based Profiles, for candidates AND employers. 

For candidates, every skill in Experlio is attached to a verifiable project in the portfolio. For Employers, they get to build their profiles around important skills at their company, both now and in the near future.

With this foundation, Experlio is able to roll out a range of other innovations that support a skills based hiring approach.

One of these innovations sets it’s sites on replacing the dreaded job post!

We call it the “Skill Post”.

Skill posts are a fresh and exciting format that focus solely on skills, eliminating the need for job titles, experiences and even role closure dates! That’s right, you can recruit skilled talent all year round without any added effort.

Skill Posts can be used to attract top talent at the highest level.

A top priority for top junior talent is the desire for career growth.

With skills posts you can educate talents about skill development opportunities within your company.

That’s not all though. Employers can also build their own skills-based talent community on Experlio, reducing the time and cost associated with hiring future talent. 

And finally, to really take your talent acquisition practices next level, you can now truly make your organisation stand out and find the best fit talent at the same time, with Work-based Activities

These Activities help candidates understand your ways of working and culture whilst also experiencing real work tasks at your company.

We invite you to make the most of Experlio’s new employer app today. 

When you join today, we’ll give you free use of all the benefits above for the first 6 months!

You could save your organisation $1,000’s on hiring and hundreds of hours of time.

Find the ‘best fit’ talent on Experlio now.

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