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Experlio’s Creative Marketing Assistant Role


Experlio’s Creative Marketing Assistant Role

Recently Experlio used our very own platform to put a call out to creative talent for a Creative Marketing Assistant role that we had an opening for.

For this role, of course we were excited to use our very own platform to allow creatives to dip their toes in the deep end and present their ideas to some real world business challenges.

We were grateful for every applicants time and effort, and rather impressed with the quality of creative ideas that came through. There are many bright creative futures in the making, that’s for sure.

After requests from a number of applicants to understand what the difference between their application and the applicant who received the role, we thought we would show you, so that you can take away any learnings and use them to your advantage in the future.

Are you curious to see what a winning application to Experlio’s Creative Marketing Assistant role stacked up like? Just remember, creativity is subjective and there is beauty in all ideas, thoughts and presentations.

For this role, there were 3 challenges to provide an opportunity to flex ideas in a number of marketing areas; content marketing, social media and copywriting.

Challenge #1 – Content Marketing

Suggest how you might improve or enhance Experlio’s content marketing efforts. This could include any one of our channels where we distribute content (social media, blog, videos etc) or even a content channel we haven’t yet explored. In your recommendation, produce an image to represent your idea (the image is not expected to be high quality or deeply detailed, it is simply to help explain the idea) and explain where you see the biggest opportunity for our business and why. In your submission, let us know why you think this channel would capture the attention of our audience and how it would grow the businesses reach or influence.

Boosting Experlio’s Youtube presence would be beneficial to the brand as the video realm is one popular with consumers, especially creative audiences as they use the platform extensively for inspiration and skill-building. Videos are an easy and engaging way to deliver content to consumers, and with Youtube’s recommendation algorithm there is potential for the brand to reach and to influence new audiences. While building up the Experlio Youtube channel would be heavily beneficial to the brand, including some clips and short videos onto the website would also be of benefit. Including a video such as one that dictates the Experlio process, or simply delivers a visual confirmation of the brand’s message, would be a good way to affirm its authenticity to a new consumer and make them more receptive to possibly signing up.

Challenge #2 – Social Media

Suggest how you might improve or enhance our social media presence. This could include any one of our social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc) or even a social media profile we haven’t yet explored. In your recommendation, produce a post image (in a 1080 x 1080 format or whatever the social media platforms optimal sizing) and caption to excite our audiences and engage them with Experlio’s brand/vision. In your submission, let us know why you think this social media post would capture the attention of our audience and how it would grow the Experlio brand. Also be sure to make it clear which social media platform/s you are proposing the post be displayed.

The choice of Instagram as the social platform for this post is due to the instant visual connection it makes with the audience, especially with the choice of comments and questioning. Also the capability of reaching more people through the feature of ‘Tagging’ and ‘Viewer Suggestion’. In this post the duality and connection between the creatives and the businesses are evident and addressed straight away, especially with the statement ‘Creativity means a business’ -a bold assertion that can equally apply to both the creative and business sides of Experlio’s audience, embodied in the inclusion of a abstract figure that could potentially represent either/ or both. The post grabs attention and carries the message to the audience straight away- especially in its somewhat informative nature, and shows Experlio’s care to the success of both of its audiences. The Experlio brand is carried through the use of the gradient palette and capitalized sans-serif type, and the caption is written with expressive language that shows an informative nature as well as captures the passion of its message.

Challenge #3 – Copywriting

Take our homepage and turn it into a 1 page sales letter. You can choose to direct it to one of our audiences (Creatives or Businesses) or you can write a general one that targets both. How would you encourage people to engage with Experlio with purely just the written word? You can use the content already on the website or you can completely reinvent the content and start from scratch. The objective is to get sign ups. Upload a pdf file containing your sales letter. Feel free to include any notes about why you chose to write the sales letter the particular way you did in the summary text area.

Starts with a greeting (colloquial) sets the audience at ease and makes them feel welcome to the site. The letter approaches the audience in a colloquial sense -to set the audience at ease and make them more susceptible to ingesting its message. The letter touches on the possible feelings of the audience as creatives and seeks to appeal to their situation, addressing them at times colloquially to make them feel more comfortable and to show how much Experlio cares about/ and hopes to help, the individuals journey through the course pools of design. The approach of Experlio as a ‘collective’ and using the terms ‘we’ helps to encourage the idea of a close-knit group and stirs the feelings of caring and belonging with the use of inclusive language. Ends with a strong call, a call-to-arms that stirs the audience to action. Shows how much Experlio wants them to join- an eagerness to get started/ a welcoming acceptance

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