Experlio brings in the New Year with an Award 🥳🥳

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Experlio brings in the New Year with an Award 🥳🥳

But first: A wrap on 2023 and launch into 2024!

Is it still ok to share 2024 company outlooks?

What about 2023 wraps? Too far?

We’re mid way thrugh January and the year is starting to heat up, although perhaps not for our Northern Hemisphere members.

It’s time we set aside the time to update you on our inner workings.

We’ll keep it short, because we’re writing this one, not AI, and there’s lots to do at Experlio in January 2024!

And you’re about to find out why! But first…

The 2023 Wrap!

In 2023 we had 10,000’s of new members join Experlio.

We finally started to see our vision capture the hearts and minds of budding creative professionals at scale, across the globe.

We went global with new members pouring in from over 60 countries in a very short span of time (just months).

Experlio’s tribe went global, too! With team members based in 3 different continents; from Australia, South Asia and Europe.

With our global outlook, we went global with our strategy.

First stop? The Philippines!

As our member base grew, a trend started to emerge, and we were gaining huge momentum in one region in particular, Southeast Asia, and our most popular member base was, yep you guessed it, the Philippines.

The Shift from EdTech to CareersTech

After years of referring to ourselves as an EdTech platform, our mission of closing the skills gap still felt out of reach.

We looked beyond the horizon and saw that there were many great organisations in the education space, and that AI was going to help a lot of people to learn new skills.

We decided at that moment to get closer to the connections that really mattered for skills – those between Talent and Employers!

Launching a New App in South East Asia

With 4 years in the EdTech space, collaborating with universities, employers, mentors and talent we had a strong base to build on.

With so much demand for skills from both Talent and Employers we set out to create an experience that closed the gap for both parties simultaneously.

The end result was a completely new home in our App for Employers – and we launched our beta in September in the talent-rich country of the Philippines; where the largest trade export is talent!

Leaning on our existing member base, we initially opened up to Employers with the most die-hard creative careers in advertising, marketing and design.

But with the power of our new app we saw the opportunity to introduce our functionality into other hot industries and skill clusters, and this inspired our mission to expand even further!

This brings us to 2024.

2024: Expanding Industries with One Common Goal

Our mission is to close the skills gap for Talent and Employers alike.

In the past we focused on activity-based education, predominantly in creative skill sets, to achieve our mission.

Now more than ever we’re looking to technology, data and powerful user experiences to help close the skills gap.

After the launch of our Employer App in the Philippines we learned a lot about Employer needs and what was totally missing from the experiences of Talent prior to becoming employed.

We learnt that, despite many companies and jobs sounding familiar and even operating in the same industry, the skills that they were made up of could be wildly different!

With over 39,000 different skills in the professional world, the skills gap is growing faster than ever!

And in fast-moving fields (like marketing and technology), skills are evolving at over 25% every 5 years.

With such rapid development, it’s more important than ever for individuals to understand the skills that matter to their career, because:

52% of employees don’t have a clear sense of how their skills will change in the next 5 years.


80% of CEOs say skills gaps are a major threat to their business.

This means that learning and skill development need to become part of the fabric of careers for everyone!

And that’s where our vision for 2024 comes in.

Skills Transparency will Solve Skills Gaps

Our hypothesis is that Skills Transparency will play a key role in closing the skill gap.

In the careers space, companies like Glassdoor have made the topic of organizational culture more transparent; and that has been important and culture-shifting (literally) work.

Experlio believes more transparency is required for skills.

Just as Glassdoor provides awareness of company culture, Experlio will provide awareness of company skills.

We’re developing tools so that Employers can be more transparent about the skills that make up their organisation and prospective employees can plan out their careers and make informed decisions on their skills.

Unlike other sites that focus on transparency, however, you won’t be seeing any 1-star Employer reviews on Experlio (HR sighs in relief!).

Our product values revolve around positivity and incentivising good behaviour through benefits.

Whereas many sites treat Employers as part of the problem, Experlio believes that Employers are part of the solution!

2024 Combines Learning with Career Development at Experlio

To mark our expansion into the broader skills ecosystem, we have leaned on our experience in the education space (learning) to create something special for Employers and Talent that can be used to power their career growth (development), at both the individual and organization level.

In 2024, the benefits of learning and development for Employers and Talent are huge, however, for many people exploring new careers, it’s incredibly difficult to understand which employers are likely to support their career development. And not only support it, but share with you how!

Experlio aims to make it easier to understand:

  • Which skills are important for your career
  • And which employers can help you develop those new skills

Our transparency agenda pushes us to pioneer new ways to surface the best methods and outcomes that Employers are achieving with their people.

We’re super excited to be rolling out these features over the coming weeks! But right now, we have an award to announce!

Introducing the Best Employers for Career Development Awards!

That’s right! It’s not us that’s winning an award, it’s the Best Employers for Career Development Presented BY Experlio!

With 87% of people saying it’s important for their potential employer to offer a strong skills-development program, it makes perfect business sense to dedicate attention and resources to this area.

It’s a signal to Talent that you’re a leader in the areas that have a direct impact on their lifelong success and career development.

To bring more attention to this space, we wanted to showcase the role that top companies are playing in shrinking the skills gap at their own organization and inspire others to do the same.

Experlio’s Best Employers for Career Development Awards aim to help organizations do just that, with a global first award that focuses on learning and development success.

The awards kick off in the Philippines in January and will roll out on a regional basis.

Parting Notes

Thanks for joining us in this Wrap + Outlook.

We’re excited for the year ahead and look forward to announcing the inaugural award winners next week.

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