Experience What It’s Like to Work as a Digital Content Manager

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Experience What It’s Like to Work as a Digital Content Manager

Now a popular and prosperous career, it wasn’t always that way. The field for digital content managers started to appear as a viable career path around the 2010’s.

Now, digital content managers can earn upwards of 150k per year, with average salaries floating around 101K p.a – not bad(!)

Experlio & Sara Ocean, from Woolies X, collaborate to bring you a taste of this exciting career path

Ever wanted to get a taste of what it’s like to be in a digital content career? Experience this exciting career now with this on-demand Experlio Workshop and Challenge! 

In just 20 minutes you’ll go from no idea about content design to your first home page design, complete with SEO optimised content – BOOM!

Level up your career with these future skills, even if you’re not sure if this is the right career for you, yet… It’s a super short time investment to upskill in this area.

Tech skills acquired as a Digital Content Manager

  • Content design
  • Website design
  • Design thinking
  • UX design
  • Content management
  • Digital marketing
  • Especially SEO

Take the Challenge

In this exclusive Workshop and Challenge you’ll be lead by Sara Ocean, Digital Content Manager at Woolies X (part of the Woolworths Group) to help you create your first sample of work in this field.

meet sara ocean digital content manager

Sara condenses years worth of experience and learning into this one challenge, exclusively designed for entry level professionals/students on Experlio.

Once you’ve gained experience creating, you’ll have the opportunity to chat 1:1 with your new Mentor, Sara, about how you accomplished your work, with tips on how you could do even better next time OR how to take the next steps in this exciting career path!

Don’t miss out on this insightful experience into what it’s like to work at the crossroads of design and content creation; not offered by Sara (or anyone else for that matter) anywhere else on the internet!

See if stepping into a digital content management career might be right for you 🤩.

Experience what it’s like to be a Digital Content Manager

We went straight to the source and asked Sara what it’s really like to have a career in content design.

What’s it like to work in digital content management?

“It’s a role that never gets boring because content is quite diverse. You get to learn things like website developing, UX, graphic design, copywriting, SEO, analytics etc that will impact content and work closely with teams towards different projects.”

Do you think it’s a good career path?

“If you like digital and learning, definitely. It’s a great path to expand your knowledge in all aspects of digital, as every project has different requirements where you always get to learn something new.”

The growth of Digital Content Manager careers rising over time

Do you get to be creative?

“Yes, most times projects allow you to explore different creative options and test them to find the optimal solution for the client’s problem.”

What inspired you to collaborate with Experlio?

“Being able to help people who are discovering their passion but are not sure what career path in digital is most aligned with what they love doing.”

In our digital world, we can only expect this field to grow as brands start to become media companies with an ever increasing focus on the user experience and touchpoints across all forms of media online.

Step into the crossroads of Design and Content in this truly unique learning experience presented by Experlio x Sara Ocean, Digital Content Manager at Woolies X (part of the Woolworths Group).

Highlights of the Challenge

  • Interactive
  • Immediate start
  • Ready made assets so you can get hands on, fast!
  • 1:1 feedback from Sara 
  • Endorsement potential
  • 5 skills points awarded in Content Design

Is a Digital Content Manager career really right for you?

As tech careers becomes more mainstream and competition continues to increase within tech sectors and digital marketing, the importance of design within tech becomes more important and prevalent than ever!

Expect these skills to continue trending upwards! And expect the benefits, diversity in role and even the pay to continue to appreciate.

Try Sara’s Content Design Challenge now and Experience what it’s like to be a Digital Content Manager!

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