Experience Creativity Without Limits In 2021

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Experience Creativity Without Limits In 2021

It’s the 21st year of the 21st century and creativity is one of the most sought after skills of our time.

However, with 7/10 people not feeling like they are living up to their creative potential, there is plenty of room for creativity to expand.

In 2021 we believe it’s time for the world to Experience Creativity Without Limits.

It’s time that bright new ideas and connections be formed, and Experlio aims to make this a reality for more talented people and businesses interested in creativity.

Whether you’re a recent graduate, business owner/manager, or still a student, in 2021 you’ll be able to take your experiences of creativity to a whole new level with Experlio.

What Experlio Stands For

Experlio’s mission is to create as many opportunities as possible for emerging creative talent and businesses to collaborate and be successful. 

We believe that, the more experiences creatives and businesses share together, the more inspiration there will be to solve tougher challenges that organisations, and the world, face.

We’re here to expose the potential of emerging creative talent and help organisations find the sort of brilliant talent that can help them grow into the future.

creative talent for organization's growth

We believe in a collaborative approach, where talent and organisations can help each other achieve their goals through every experience they share.

How We’re Making It Happen

On Monday the 22nd of March, we’ll introduce a world first, our Creative Experience Platform, to help connect emerging creative talent and businesses in a new and meaningful way.

We believe our platform will represent the future of creative learning and workwhere fresh experiences come closer than ever to opportunity.

To learn more, we’ve broken down what a Creative Experience Platform means to the world and especially for the talent and businesses who will be a part of it.

Creativity At Experlio

First, we’d like to make something clear. 

We talk about creatives and creativity a lot at Experlio. It’s not to be confused with the traditional ‘artsy’ reference to creativity. 

We believe that creativity is necessary for the whole world, not just the cultured few; because we need it to solve problems in new and ingenious ways!

On that note, we’d like to share the problems that we’re working towards solving with our Creative Experience Platform.

The Two Sided Creative Challenge

Our slogan, “Experience Creativity Without Limits”, is more than just a nice tagline. It’s about capturing the moment in time we look to represent for two different audiences; creatives and businesses.

Creatives want to impress businesses with their potential and businesses want to find ‘smart creatives‘ (as Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google says) to help them solve their own novel challenges.

For the creatives engaging with our platform, they’ll get to experience the power of their own creativity without limits (possibly for the first time). With Experlio, they’ll have the freedom to develop their creative muscle on real world challenges free from assessment or judgement which is crucial for true creativity to reveal itself. With Experlio, every application can move creatives closer towards their goal of being a ‘smart creative’ and working with a great organisation.

businesses need true creativity

For businesses, they’ll get to view bold ideas to some of their greatest challenges, whether future past or present, and experience (sometimes for the first time) the power of creativity at their organisation. With Experlio, businesses can identify the brightest talent to help them create an even brighter future for their organisation.

How Does Experlio’s Creative Experience Platform Actually Work?

As you would have established by now, our goal is for businesses and individuals to have an experience together, by bringing them closer and breaking down barriers.

Here’s how that experience actually works:

It all starts with a business looking for talent and inspiration – whether that be for an internship, a project/gig, or a full time position within their business.

Rather than posting a job description, they’ll post a Challenge they’re looking to solve. 

The challenge acts to broaden the scope of possibilities, from the diversity of talent to the scale of the ideas, and provides flexibility on the commitment going forward.

The Challenge then goes live to the Opportunity Board.

On the Opportunity Board, Creatives will have the opportunity to apply themselves to the real life challenges the Business has posted. 

Rather than submitting a resumé, they’ll submit their ideas on how they might approach solving the Challenge. 

With the submission of the ideas, the business can view the ideas that have been tailored to their challenge. This process can act as a way to assess an individual’s understanding of the sorts of challenges an organisation faces and gives insight into whether they would be a good fit to work with.

creative ideas tailored to your business

Upon viewing the ideas, the Business can make contact with two of their favourite submissions for free and continue the conversation about how to bring their ideas to life. If the Business wishes to contact more Creatives they can do so with Experlio Pro.

What Happens Afterwards?

Why let a great idea go to waste? 

The experience that occurs between a Creative and Business is what we call a Micro Experience. 

A Micro Experience occurs where a real idea or concept is presented to a commercial challenge. In other words, it’s an at-distance interaction on a real world challenge with the potential for future work opportunities to develop as a result.

Micro experiences automatically populate the Creative’s portfolio on Experlio, helping them to build up their experience portfolio and skills to prove their abilities with the next Business they interact with.

Supporting the skills and goals of emerging creative talent with the progress of business.

As the saying goes, with practice comes progress. And at Experlio we’ve aimed to build as many benefits into our platform as possible, whilst still keeping it simple for everybody to use. One of those benefits is learning by doing.

With every challenge the creative submits their ideas to, they will become better at: communicating their ideas, stretching their creative potential, independent learning and many other skills that are important for the future of work.

Similarly, with every idea submitted to the business, the owner/manager can become clearer on the sorts of ideas and talent they would like to pursue and their reasons why.

Experiencing Creativity Without Limits With Experlio

With all that being said, we invite you to join Experlio’s Creative Experience Platform so that you, too, can Experience Creativity Without Limits in 2021.

Sign up to be a part of this movement now or wait until Monday the 22nd of March (when we launch) to join the waiting list.

Creatives can sign up here

Businesses can sign up here

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