Employer Branding Strategy Changes the Game for Talent Acquisition


Employer Branding Strategy Changes the Game for Talent Acquisition

Finding the perfect candidate quickly can be a significant challenge for many companies. Traditional job boards and social media platforms often fall short in connecting employers with the right talent, when they need it. As a result, talent acquisition professionals are constantly seeking more effective strategies.

One powerful solution transforming the game is employer branding. By focusing on promoting a company as the employer of choice, employers can attract more qualified candidates, reduce hiring time, and lower costs.

Let’s explore how employer branding can be a game-changer for your recruitment efforts.

What is Employer Branding Strategy?

Employer branding strategy is the process of developing a strategy to promote a company as the employer of choice to a desired target group, which a company wants to recruit and retain. It involves divising a plan to create an attractive place to work through showcasing: values, culture, work projects, and benefits to potential future employees.

In today’s competitive talent market, a strong employer branding strategy can make all the difference in attracting the best-fit talent for your organization.

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Why Employer Branding Matters

1. Attracting Qualified Candidates

A well-crafted employer brand attracts highly qualified candidates who resonate with your company’s values and culture. When potential employees see your company as a great place to work, they are more likely to apply. By focusing on drawing in those who are genuinely interested in your company and what it stands for this strategy can increase the number of qualified candidates by up to 50%!

2. Reducing Time to Hire

Employer branding helps create a talent pool of engaged candidates who are already interested in working for your company. This readiness reduces the time spent on sourcing and screening, cutting the time to hire by as much as 50%! When candidates are already familiar with your brand and eager to join, the hiring process becomes quicker and more efficient for everyone involved – including you, and the hiring manager!

3. Lowering Cost Per Hire

Traditional recruitment methods can be expensive, with costs piling up for job postings, recruitment agencies, and extensive screening processes. Employer branding, on the other hand, leverages the power of your existing reputation and online presence, significantly reducing the need for costly recruitment methods. By attracting self-selected candidates with who are already a good fit, the cost per hire can be slashed by a whopping 50%!

Building a Strong Employer Brand

1. Define Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Your EVP is a unique set of benefits that employees receive in return for their skills, capabilities, and experience working for your organization. It should reflect what makes your company a great place to work. Highlight aspects like career development opportunities, company culture, work-life balance, and any unique perks you offer.

2. Create a Strong Online Presence

With the proliefaration of digital, online destinations are the dominant place people search and consume information. It only makes sense to dedicate a significant amount of attention to this key opportunity.

2.a Social Media Platforms

It’s nothing new to say that social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook can be great resources for online presence. Of course, wherever an online presence exists, you should create a positive image to attract candidates who can be a good fit for your organization. Social media platforms can allow you to put your best foot forward to showcase your company culture, employee testimonials, and behind-the-scenes looks at your workplace.

It’s also important to be aware that social media platforms do tend to have mixed objectives for most organisations. Whether it’s generating new business or hiring, these are two very different objectives which can end up creating a confusing and transactional feeling candidate experience. While social media can miss connecting the dots for a truly intentional candidate experience it’s worth seriously considering how they can be leveraged to enhance your online presence.

2.b Creating a Strong Online Presence with Experlio

At Experlio we believe that clear intentions with with your online presence and platforms of choice are essential to achieving better than average results.
When you do what everyone else is doing, you are destined to achieve the same results. The truth is, most companies are leaving a huge amount of opportunity on the table. And it comes back to a very simple concept that any mid to large sized organisation can unleash to hit their new employer branding goals!

Employer Branding with Online Talent Communities
We’re all familiar with communities, whether it’s in real life; a family or local town community, or online; an Facebook group or forum that keeps your interest. You might even be familiar with the term Talent Community. What’s amazing is that most companies still haven’t tapped into the full power these communities can provide.

They’re typically used as a place for outdated and old resumes to collect dust and then die a slow and painful death… But what if your talent community was a lively and active place that supported your hiring goals with ease! That is a very real reality. In fact, that’s exactly what you can achieve with Experlio’s free Talent Community software. With a company owned talent community, you can engage with future employees by sharing content that reflect your company’s values and mission, in a dedicated space. This kind of intention can be extremely powerful, and an amazing experience for prospective employees!

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3. Encourage Employee Advocacy

Your current employees are your best ambassadors. Encourage them to share their positive experiences on social media, professional networks and intentional platforms. Employee testimonials and reviews on platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and country specific job boards can significantly boost your employer brand.

4. Consistent Candidate Experience

Ensure that every touchpoint with a candidate, from the application process to onboarding, reflects your employer brand. A positive and consistent experience reinforces your brand message and leaves a lasting impression.

Where to next with Employer Branding Strategy

Employer branding is a powerful strategy that can revolutionize your talent acquisition process. By attracting more qualified candidates, reducing time to hire, and lowering the cost per hire, a strong employer brand makes it easier to find the right talent quickly and efficiently. Embrace employer branding today and become the rockstar of your team, delivering outstanding results and driving your company’s success.

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