Demand for Creative People in Sydney at an All-Time High as City Reopens


Demand for Creative People in Sydney at an All-Time High as City Reopens

As Sydney emerges from lockdown it appears that the demand for creative people is topping the global charts.

Not long ago Sydney was #2 in the world, following Singapore as the top spot for creative people, but now it appears Sydney has taken over the throne.

Compared to the rest of the world, Australia as a whole ranks 5th for the interest in Creative people. However, when you dig further down, 3 of the top 10 cities are Aussie!

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Here are the top 5 cities in the world with the greatest demand for creative people:

#1 Sydney

Sydney city view

With a score of 100 on the index, Sydney tops the charts.

#2 Brisbane

Brisbane city view

A score of 92 on the index, grants Brisbane second place.

#3 Singapore

Singapore city view

Singapore comes in neatly behind with 90.

#4 New York

NY city view

New York tied with Singapore on 90.

#5 London

London city view

And London in 5th with 80.

Melbourne fell just short of the top 5 coming in 6th!

With Australian cities taking 3 of the top 10 spots, could it be the pent up demand from businesses looking for all of the new ideas and skills they can possibly get their hands on as the cities, in particular Sydney, embrace the ‘freedom comeback’? We shall see over the remainder of the spring and summer period.

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Who are the creative people in Sydney?

We’re seeing a strong rise in the demand for people who can come up with new and original ideas for novel problems. 

However, in general the demand for digital skills since Covid became a thing has also been strong. 

As a whole, creative people with digital skills have seen huge demand, accelerating an existing trend before the crisis. With many retailers and brick-and-mortar operations required to go online or deal with the full impact of the Covid consequences; the need has been urgent to say the least.

Being able to keep businesses on track, or simply trading, during turbulent times has been nothing short of a miracle for many.

Those that have survived or thrived will likely put it down to the creative and innovative ideas their team came up with throughout the period. Having a creative person on the team can really pay dividends when change is a constant. Taking full advantage of any unexpected opportunities has been key to getting through the crisis.

Where is the demand for creative people in Sydney coming from?

Demand for creative people is coming from areas like writing, digital marketing and advertising, careers, and even some random areas like Fortnite. It wouldn’t be creative if you didn’t get something you didn’t expect, right? 

In Australia in particular, searches for Indigenous Australians registered breakout interest over an extended period of time from 2004 to the present.

Within digital marketing and advertising, specific categories like social media, content marketing, and content creators are rising at a rapid pace.

This hasn’t been any overnight trend though. It’s been happening for some time. In fact, in April 2021 social media surpassed the internet’s interest in creativity, showing just how much attention as a species we place on social media. This trend has been particularly important for many businesses who rely on social media to communicate with their customers – especially during such rapidly evolving times. 

One week you might be serving coffee in your cafe. The next you might be via online order and delivery only.

Social media has been a way for us to stay connected over the last 18 months. It has been a tool for staying up to date, communicating, and ultimately connecting. And how do we communicate and connect? Ultimately it’s through content. Hence why we’re seeing so much demand from creative people to produce the very content that connects us when we’re feeling disconnected.

With the recent uptick in the demand for creative people and their respective disciplines, expect to see this trend continue as new and imaginative areas continue to mold into the very fabric of society.

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