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Meet your new Creator Tool. Bring communities together ⇝ monetise the value you create. Empowering Educators and Creators with experiences.

A better bridge to monetisation.


Every year Creators invest hundreds, even thousands, of hours sharing their knowledge for free across the ‘interweb’. While that’s great, it doesn’t necessarily pay the bills. There’s usually another step involved… a sale. And it can take real effort to pull this off in a way that’s meaningful for you and your audience.

When courses are saturated and you can google most things for free nowadays (or even ask an A.I.), where do you go next?

People now crave more than just content, they crave an experience!

They’re hungry for engaging experiential content that activates their learning and prior knowledge.

That’s why they come to Experlio.

We make it easy for you to create your first or next educational and experiential content with an already engaged community of 1,000’s of Creatives.

The next step your people have been waiting for.

If you’ve ever sold your knowledge, you’ve noticed… People crave results and experiences. Experlio makes it natural for your people to take the next step with your already loved content.

Easily share experiences and extend the value of your content with a Challenge.

Challenges are fun, and they’re a natural occurrence on social media.

Simply Challenge your audience to engage and learn from your best-performing content and we’ll help take care of the rest.


Take the relationship with your audience (and ours) to the next level – with your own micro-community.

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Create Challenges and
Get Paid For Content Creation

attract top talent for free


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Paid (again)

A no BS Creator Fund ⇝
keep 100% of the revenue 😮

Our creator fund is just for BETA users. We’re looking for a handful of creative professionals that know how to create content and want to try out the future of educational content in a low-lift, high-reward type situation.

What you can monetise through Experlio:

  • Content that we launch together

  • Leveraged group and 1:1 feedback

  • Your own informational products

  • Mentoring/Coaching

  • B2B training (future offering)


Get paid more when you hit your goals

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The fund is here to help you make money on the things you’re already good at – content creation and being an expert!

We have a variety of initiatives that focus on ensuring you keep 100% of every dollar we generate together during the launch period. And yes, that’s on top of your content creation payment. If we both enjoy the initial engagement together we’ll invite you back to build your presence and back pocket with Experlio.

Join our mission to help 1 million creatives become more employable and independent through practical skills.