Learning Challenge

🏢 Heather Rivendell
📍 Melbourne

Time: 20mins | Skill Points: 5 | Certificate Upon Completion

Writing a “Reactive” Marketing Strategy That Isn’t So Reactive

Marketing Strategy Learning Challenge

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You’ll Learn

Marketing Strategy used to be a well planned and rigid seasonal process. Now, in 2022 and beyond, marketing can be extremely reactive, from weekly to even daily reactions.

Learn how you can increase the quality of your work by keeping pace with the change in marketing that occurs in 2022 and beyond.

Get access to Heather’s Marketing Calendar that has been built up over the years working with top retail brands like Witchery, Nine West Group, Hugo Boss, Lounge Lovers, The Sheet Society, Blue Illusion, and Sportsgirl.

The Challenge

In this Learning Challenge you will create a marketing strategy promotional planner for fitness brand TLR (Train Live Repeat).

Take the Challenge then download the promotional planner and fill in the missing sections to complete the annual calendar. It’s important to focus on each month and the theme for the monthly promotions and brand message.

The Mentor

Heather Rivendell is a Freelance Stylist, Art Director, Digital Marketer and Visual Merchandising Manager. Heather has worked across fashion and interiors for over 15 years, working for and collaborating with some of Australia’s most renowned brands including Witchery, Nine West Group, Hugo Boss, Lounge Lovers, The Sheet Society, Blue Illusion, and Sportsgirl.


  • a completed promotional planner for fitness brand TLR
  • based on the example provided to fit the TLR brand promise

Once you have completed the challenge you can book a mentoring session with Heather to receive personalised one-on-one feedback on your work.


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Planning Campaigns
  • Promotions
  • Messaging
  • Creative
  • Calendar Planning

We can’t wait to see your submissions soon!