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We’ll help you tailor projects to your business with minimal fuss. The hottest projects and internships can be tailored to your business.


Match Found
You’ll likely have a lot of interest in your new project, so we’ll help you out by highlighting the students that can bring the most value to your business, and get the most experience from your project, based on their interests and studies.


It’s time to make it happen! We’ll help you get organised, schedule a time to meet, and confidently get started on your project together. Projects can vary from 50 hours together to 250 hours.


How much does it cost?
It’s free to get started and show your interest in working with a student. If you do most of the recruitment yourself, it will stay free, or you can ask to get our help to find the best matched students for your project.
How is this possible?
A major goal of the Australian education system is to provide practical experience to students to help them become more employable when they graduate. We work with universities on behalf of the student and the business to help make experiences more valuable to everyone involved! The student is enrolled into a subject called an ‘Internship For Credit’.
What about the Fair Work Act? Isn’t it illegal not to pay interns?
The student is actually studying while they are working with you so no employment contract exists, so long as you and the student work within the boundaries provided. We will help you stay within those boundaries and provide exceptional value to your guest and the business.
What’s the difference between a project and an internship?
In the new world of practical education, there are many names for very similar things. A project could be a specific outcome to be achieved within the business, whereas an internship can be more general with the tasks involved. We’ll help guide what might be right for your business.