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About Us

Chris Evans


Experlio’s Story

The idea for Experlio all started when Chris Evans (our founder) was providing career advice to business students. He noticed that more information wasn’t really helping young people’s confidence or developing their skills for work.

Searching for the root cause of this problem, it was found that, both students and businesses agreed on something. A lack of experience was a giant impediment to the success of emerging talent; and the current tools available to the system were not enough to support business collaboration and experience.

So, the team set out to work with businesses to provide more opportunities for up and coming talent to gain experience. Through experimentation there were a number of findings.

  1. Nearly all businesses we worked with wanted creative talent and skills.
  2. The more exposure that businesses got to emerging creative talent, the more likely they were to work with them, meaning greater opportunities for careers to flourish

With these insights Experlio got to work and developed a solution to help spread creativity (1 of the top skills of the next decade) and to provide more opportunities for talented people to develop the skills and experience to achieve their goals. It certainly helped that Chris was enthusiastic about the power of creativity as he had firsthand experience starting a career in this limitless space, facing the challenges of  starting out with no experience.


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Creating The Future Of Work

We’re reimagining how businesses experience creativity and welcome it into their worlds. At the same time we’re helping emerging creatives to level up their skills and discover more opportunities for work.


Our platform enables micro experiences, where an individual can pitch their ideas to businesses to demonstrate their thinking. This acts as practice, honing their ideas and identifying strengths and weaknesses that they can work on when they submit to businesses.

To see collaboration between young creatives and business become fluid.

To enable creativity to come to life between those who have it and those who value it so that more opportunities are available to launch careers.


Imagining new possibilities


Creating the future of work


Connecting people and ideas


Inspiring the next generation


Agile, remote and resilient