About Us

About Us

About Us

Experlio’s Story

We believe that creativity is the greatest competitive advantage in the world. 

We believe in a world where you can learn from every opportunity; and get more from professional interactions.

We believe in a world where businesses and creative people can grow together and learn by doing.

That’s why we’re ushering in a new era for talent. With a platform that is built for the future of work – where creativity stands to separate man from machine.

We want to empower creative people to grow their careers and businesses to discover amazing talent.

That’s why our platform is purpose built to help creative people grow and businesses to see the potential in people.

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Founder Story

After starting his career in the traditional field of finance and accounting, Chris pivoted in pursuit of a more creative calling. Establishing his new career, Chris saw booming demand for creative skills like marketing and design. He started working with aspiring creative professionals and businesses by connecting them through traditional pathways and realised the downfalls and blockers to traditional pathways like lengthy degrees, internship programs and even resume based applications. There had to be a better way for creative careers to take shape. And that’s when Experlio was born. 

Experlio stands for Experience Portfolio. It’s about connecting through engaging online experiences through the career journey to learn and grow from every opportunity. 

Experlio’s mission is to support millions of people into creative career paths and help both businesses and individuals close the looming skills gap for marketing, design and related fields; of which there’s more than 2.5 million skills shortages in Australia alone by 2030.

To see experience and skills become a seamless part of the journey whilst establishing a creative career.

To be the place where millions of creatives go to upskill, gain experience and become employed.

Inspire the next generation

With a bias towards action, we act with purpose, hungry for results we can be proud of.

Learn by doing

It's in our DNA. Take calculated risks, experiment rapidly and learn quickly.

Stay curious

Embrace your curiosity and challenge the conventional.

Member obsessed

The experience of our members is all that we know. It's our existence and our lifeblood.

Create constant opportunity

Build for a better tomorrow, today. Create equal, accessible and constant opportunity to empower members everywhere to succeed.