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Work with businesses, and mentors who have come from:
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A range of experiences for your portfolio

Talents complete challenges to solve real-world business problems, where they demonstrate their abilities and gain employer exposure.

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World-class mentors & data-driven feedback

Industry professionals help creatives develop their skills, capturing task-based and behavioural insights to make the right hire, faster.

Knowledge & skill-based network

Talent and businesses interact with dynamic content in near real-time, so skills remain relevant and representative of industry needs.

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“Experlio is ahead of the game on bridging the growing gap between brands of the future and creative talent. The world needs Experlio now, more than ever!
– Andrei Chahine, Group Brand Director @ Cash App + passionate educator to Creatives

In-demand skills, accelerated.
To land a job, fast.

How It Works
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Find your community

Join our skills-based network of creative thinkers transitioning into their next roles.

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Get inspired

Explore member profiles and business challenges to see what activities interest you most.

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Show off your skills

Solve creative problems, from social media to design, with mentor guidance and video tutorials.

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Grow with speed

Gain profile votes and points on work to win the attention of employers and level-up instantly.

Join 30K+ others already earning and learning on the platform

At Experlio, anyone with a growth mindset has the opportunity to show employers what they’re made of. Each challenge you solve offers hands-on education and member support, so learning is fun – and growth is fast!
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10 minutes

Or less is all it takes to learn a new skill you can add to your resume

80% improvement

The amount a single Experlio activity boosts your skills in that area, according to members
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The average hiring process takes 2-4 months. Employers, reduce your timeframe to days, with Experlio.

Access our on-demand talent pool to save time, lower risk, and connect with proven applicants relevant to your business.

Creative thinkers will shape our future. That’s why we’re creating a world full of them.

Join us in nurturing the talent of the future, giving those with the goals and the talent opportunities to become leaders.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Experlio and where did the concept originate from?

Experlio is a Talent Network for Creative Thinkers and Employers. Our journey began in 2019, when we presented universities with a solution for the growing experience gap, reported by students and employers.

While universities were slow to react, student learning sped up through our programs. They reported gaining “4 years in 4 weeks”, or 52x the traditional outcomes.

At Experlio, we became obsessed with finding the fastest path to skills development, experimenting with educational content types and hiring mentors to give personalised feedback.

Over time, our knowledge base, talent pool, mentor network and business community grew. So did the demand for access to one another!

That’s when we landed on our unique content type – micro work based activities (MWBA) that upskill creative thinkers, offer feedback opportunities by mentors, and improve the hiring for employers.

We knew we were on to something big that day we spoke to university students. Now, with over 20,000 members, a monthly growth rate over 30%, and 250+ super users spending 8 hours on our platform, our growth is starting to soar.

Plus, with creativity being the most in-demand skill and AI increasing the knowledge gap even further, we know the industry will need our help. Will you join us in the learning revolution?

Which members use the platform and what do they use it for?

Experlio helps members grow their skills and get discovered for them, fast.
With content designed to fast-track your learning by catapulting you into solving real-world problems, many of our members are in the early stages of their careers.

That being said, anyone wanting to challenge their creativity and connect with others in the industry can benefit.

You might use the platform to add more experiences to your portfolio, try your hand at an employer brief or task, experiment with thinking laterally and -ultimately -land a job.

Plus, you’ll meet thousands of potential friends who share the same goals. It’s a win-win.

How does Experlio make hiring easier for businesses?

For businesses seeking creative talent, it can be hard to understand what their skills and capabilities are, without offering time-consuming placements or expensive aptitude tests.

Experlio assists you in finding the right fit for your needs to both speed up and simplify this process. We do this via the micro work-based activities (MWBA) on our platform, which double as upskilling and recruitment tools.

The real-time, real-world nature of these tasks provide accurate measurements of a member’s skills. Feedback gained along the way offers technical and behavioural insights, to support hiring decisions.

Our pre-screened talent pool means you’ll gain exposure among a verified, growth-minded audience. The kind you’re looking to hire!
Then, by posting free content, you can build your perception as a valuable employer, while attracting even more relevant applicants who are interested in the work you offer.

Experlio helps you increase your reach, reduce your risk and lower the costs that come with hiring. Everyday, our platform offers more opportunities, with a content base and talent pool that’s always growing!

What is a micro work-based activity (MWBA) and how is content created / consumed on the platform?

Employers prepare short skills-based challenges. Posted as endorsed video content, these offer engaging, interactive training opportunities for members, while promoting the employer brand.

We call these micro work-based activities (MBWA) and it’s an exciting new type of content Experlio is pioneering! The real-world experience of a job – making it easy to understand members’ skill levels – completed in under 30 minutes, and amplified to a relevant talent network.

Employers can use the content to search for skills that are in-demand, while members can grow theirs in the area they choose. Or, if they’re still figuring out what they enjoy, members can experiment by responding to a wide range of tasks.

With every task completed, new points are added to their profile. This way, they can prove to employers what they’re capable of. Over time, members build a portfolio of experiences – not to mention confidence in what they’re capable of!

What makes Experlio different from other education providers and talent networks?

Unlike other talent networks, Experlio is focused on creative thinkers and the businesses who seek them out. The members we attract are targeted and pre-screened, so you can be sure you’re engaging with a quality audience.

We don’t just offer job boards and facilitate connections, either. With our skills-based challenges, Al-powered knowledge base and growing list of mentors, we’re also continuously upskilling members with educational content.

But our content isn’t like other course creators, either. It’s real work, offered in real-time, to reflect the real nature of the industry.

This way, members know what they’re learning is in-demand; and employers have evidence to base their conversations and decisions on. It’s how we close the skill gap and reduce miscommunication when hiring.

What’s a “creative” thinker – and can I still use the platform if I don’t think I am?

At Experlio, we believe everyone is creative in their own way. In fact, we’re here to support you in discovering your creative talents, even if you don’t know what they are!

Our members include copywriters, graphic designers, social media managers, marketing strategists, even product engineers. We welcome anyone with an interest in solving problems. To us, that’s creative thinking!

Likewise, many of the businesses on our platform include agencies specialising in brand, marketing, digital, creative and PR. But we’re ideal for any business committed to nurturing creativity and investing in human resources for the future.